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SetTime is your all-in-one appointment scheduling solution, designed to simplify your life and grow your business.

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Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software

All about how appointment scheduling software can make your business better, grow & manage it in one easy-to-use and powerful user interface. Benefits of using an appointment scheduler app is to manage your appointments and streamline your booking schedule. Feel free to try free online booking system

24/7 Online Booking

Get a bird’s-eye view of your monthly appointments or zoom in to your daily bookings.

Staff & Customer Management

Store all of your customers and staff information in one central location for easy access and reference.

Notification & Reminders

Never miss an appointment again with automatic reminders sent via email.

Booking Link

Allow clients to book appointments directly through your website or social media pages.


Get a clear overview of your appointments, staff and services with real-time statistics.

Time Zones

Our app automatically detects the time zones of you, making it easy to schedule appointments.

Booking software to match Your Business

SetTime is designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals across a wide range of industries, but that’s not all! Our app is also customizable, so you can create a custom industry that fits your specific needs.

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SetTime | Photo and Video making appointment booking system

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Powering Scheduling of Appointments


Join the thousands of businesses and individuals who are already using our appointment scheduler app to power their scheduling worldwide. See how Online Booking System works


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Best Appointment Scheduling Software for any Business

Our free online meeting scheduler has become very popular and has gathered a large customer base all over the world. Businesses and professionals from various industries have embraced SetTime as the best solution for convenient meeting scheduling.


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