Online Appointment Scheduling FAQs

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of our free online scheduling tool. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us and know more about how does SetTime works.

Appointment scheduling software is an online platform that simplifies the process of booking for both customers and businesses. By relieving service providers of time-consuming administrative tasks, it allows them to spend more time doing what they love, refining their skills, and expanding their business. Clients, in turn, benefit from having an extensive catalog of specialists at their fingertips and an opportunity to book services 24/7.

An online scheduling system enables clients to book services at any time of day—even after hours or on weekends. Some schedulers, like SetTime, allow clients to view the available time slots of professionals in real time, message them with any questions, read reviews and see the pricing, reschedule or cancel appointments through the app, and be reminded of upcoming bookings. The business side of the platform helps service providers better manage their schedules, save client information, send reminders to minimize no-shows, manage employee shifts, prevent double booking, and much more.

SetTime has a mobile application for business users and both a desktop platform and a mobile app for businesses.

There are several ways in which customers may book your services through SetTime. First, if you have a business website, you can embed a booking widget there and allow visitors to make reservations directly from your online booking page. All the appointments thus requested will automatically appear on SetTime. Finally, our scheduling platform provides you with a booking link that you can place in emails, messages, social media posts, stories, bios, and other customer touchpoints. You may either place the link as is, or add it to a “Book Now” button if the platform supports it.

SetTime allows you to easily manage your workload through a number of features. You may change your working days and hours anytime you wish, mark unavailable time slots without altering your regular schedule, and decide how many days or hours in advance clients may book appointments. With our scheduling tool, you also reserve the right to decline, cancel, or reschedule appointments anytime.

To schedule an appointment with a customer, go to either My Appointments or Calendar and click “Add Appointment” in the upper right corner. Select the client from the existing list or add a new customer by entering the person’s name and phone number. Then, fill out the remaining fields and click “Save.” Once the customer confirms the appointment, the status will change to “Accepted.”

To cancel a booking, find it in My Appointments, expand the dropdown menu under the “Status” column, and click “Cancel” Alternatively, you can access the appointment from the relevant staff member’s calendar, click on it, and hit the crossed-out circle in the upper right corner of the window. To request a rescheduling of an appointment, click on the pencil icon, select the new date and time, then hit “Update.”

You can change the default setup for appointment reminders from Settings. If you’d like to turn off default reminders, choose “Never” from the dropdown menu in the section “Reminders.” Otherwise, select how early you would like clients to be reminded of their appointments. You may also set up reminders for specific customers when scheduling appointments.

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