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Does Appointment scheduling take up more of your valuable time? Set up your business today and start streamlining your business operations with automated booking system! First learn how does meeting management software works?

SetTime | Staff members

Add and manage your Staff Members

Automated scheduling software will help you create your staff members, manage costumers' schedules, assign appointments to specific staff members, and keep track of employee availability. Make easy to manage appointment for your staff and increase the possibility of scheduling many meetings with SetTime. Let's see how create Staff member!


Add the Service You Provide

You can set up your custom services or find it from variety of service categories. No matter what type of business you have we provide a better experience for your customers via automated booking system.

SetTime | Services
SetTime | Working hours

Set your Working Hours

Managing your business's working hours and break times can be a tedious task, but we've created an intuitive and user-friendly interface to make this process easy and stress-free.

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