Improve Patient Experience: Simplify Appointment Scheduling with SetTime

SetTime is a transformative solution for healthcare institutions, redefining the way they manage appointments and streamline operations. It empowers patients to effortlessly schedule appointments through a mobile app or desktop platform, while healthcare providers benefit from efficient management, reduced no-shows, and streamlined administrative tasks. SetTime ensures precision and convenience, making it an invaluable tool for healthcare establishments.

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Practical Business Management With SetTime

Are your administrators and managers spending a lot of time on manual appointment scheduling and managing huge queues? Are you unable to properly manage patient visits, double bookings? Or maybe the patients forget the hours of their visit, and complaints increase?

Streamlined Operations: Automate administrative tasks, enabling staff to focus on critical responsibilities.
Enhanced Communication: Real-time updates and reminders ensure seamless interaction between the institution and patients.
Patient-Centric Approach: By simplifying the appointment process, institutions can prioritize providing quality care.

Key Features of SetTime

We've taken care of your hospital/clinic management and administrative tasks to improve your and your patients' experience, allowing you and your staff to focus on critical patient issues and the development of the medical institution. Here are the key features that will help you digitize the appointment scheduling process at your hospital or clinic.

24/7 Accessibility
Patients can schedule or adjust appointments at any time, fostering convenience and flexibility.
User-Centric Interface
An intuitive design ensures easy navigation for both patients and your administrative assistants, regardless of their technical expertise.
Versatile Booking Options
Multi-channel support for appointment bookings through the main website, social media, and mobile apps - your patients don’t need one particular platform for booking. Just a few clicks, and the appointment is booked!
Personalized Experience
Features remember past bookings, tailoring the booking process for each patient.
Key features

Why SetTime Scheduling Software is a Great Fit for Healthcare Institutions

Here are some benefits that you will get when choosing SetTime as the appointment scheduling system for your healthcare institution:

Improved Efficiency
Increase in appointments, streamlined operations, and higher patient satisfaction levels.
Real-Time Insights
Access to appointment histories and relevant data for informed decision-making.
Seamless Integration
Easily integrates into existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition to a patient-centric model.
If your patients have more than one appointment and struggle to remember the exact time, then sending reminders to them at a particular time is the best decision for you!

Online Appointment Scheduling For Healthcare Institutions: FAQs

Have more questions? Still doubt if SetTime will cover your needs? You are free to contact us, but first, check the frequently asked questions section with our answers.

Healthcare Institutions FAQ's

SetTime has a mobile application for your patients and both a desktop platform and a mobile app for your healthcare institution.

There are several ways in which your patients may book their appointments through SetTime. First, if you have a website for your hospital/clinic, you can embed a booking widget there and allow your patients to make appointments directly from your online booking page. All the appointments thus requested will automatically appear on SetTime. Finally, our scheduling platform provides you with a booking link that you can place in emails, messages, social media posts, stories, bios, and other patient touchpoints. You may either place the link as is, or add it to a “Book Now” button if the platform supports it.

To cancel an appointment, find it in the “My Appointments” section, expand the dropdown menu under the “Status” column, and click “Cancel”. Alternatively, you can access the appointment from the relevant staff member’s calendar, click on it, and hit the crossed-out circle in the upper right corner of the window. To request a rescheduling of an appointment, click on the pencil icon, select the new date and time, then hit “Update”.

You can change the default setup for appointment reminders from Settings. If you’d like to turn off default reminders, choose “Never” from the dropdown menu in the section “Reminders.” Otherwise, select how early you would like your patients to be reminded of their appointments. You may also set up reminders for specific patients when scheduling appointments.

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In a landscape evolving at the intersection of technology and healthcare, SetTime stands as a visionary solution, revolutionizing healthcare appointment systems. As the healthcare landscape continually adapts to meet changing needs and technology advancements, SetTime offers a comprehensive strategy for institutions to thrive in this digital age.

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