Creating a Free Online Booking System

11th July 2023
Creating a Free Online Booking System

With SetTime, no business provider or customer needs to have knowledge or experience in creating booking software. With almost no effort, a business can create its company account on SetTime by mentioning exact working hours, and adding information about specialists and services provided, so the customers can easily book an appointment in a few seconds.

So how to create an online booking system with this free scheduling app?

  1. Download SetTime appointment scheduling app on Play Market or App Store. Choose your language and sign up on SetTime. Add some company information: what type is your enterprise? Are you an individual providing services or are you a company with a staff?
  2. Fill in your business name, choose the industry from the list, or add a new industry category if the existing ones don’t suit you. Choose the country, state, and city where your business operates, and sign up!
  3. Then, start setting up your account. Add your staff members: you can add more or edit them later from the “Staff” page. Add the profession, duration of the service, and pricing information. The latter can also be free - it will suit free consultations!
  4. Set your working hours, and you’re ready!
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You can add appointments to the schedule by yourself, distributing them between your staff. You also have the option to integrate a booking widget on your website, enabling visitors to make reservations directly from your online booking page. Any appointments requested through this widget will seamlessly sync with SetTime.

Additionally, our scheduling platform offers a booking link to share in emails, messages, social media posts, bios, and other customer interactions. You can choose to use the link as it is or incorporate it into a "Book Now" button if your platform allows it.

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