The Best Free Booking Software

11th July 2023
The Best Free Booking Software

After evaluating the needs of modern companies, especially the small ones, we have created SetTime - a free online scheduling tool that makes booking faster and more organized for both business providers and customers. With SetTime, appointment scheduling is made with a simple and easy-to-use app for customers, and both with the app or desktop platform for enterprises.

Saving your business resources is not the only good thing in SetTime. This appointment scheduling solution enables booking business services even after working hours or at weekends, which is quite an exhausting task for an administrator or a manager.

Schedulers such as SetTime enable clients to instantly access the real-time availability of professionals, communicate with them for inquiries, read reviews, and review pricing. The app also offers the convenience of rescheduling or canceling appointments, while ensuring clients receive reminders for upcoming bookings.

On the business side, the platform aids service providers in effectively managing their schedules, storing client information, sending reminders to reduce no-shows, handling employee shifts, and preventing double bookings without incurring additional expenses.

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