How to Develop a Beauty Salon Appointment Scheduling System?

18th July 2023
How to Develop a Beauty Salon Appointment Scheduling System?

Using appointment scheduling software is a game-changer for beauty service providers. By implementing a reliable platform, you can save resources, reduce no-shows, prevent double scheduling, and enhance overall productivity.

Acquiring an online booking system for your beauty service space will solve a lot of problems and will surely take your business to another level. The thing is, in today's reality where literally everything can be done online with almost no effort, it is a must to invest in digital tools for your business development.

With the SetTime appointment scheduling system, you can optimize beauty service scheduling. What's more important, its setup will take a few minutes, but you will get a free tool to improve scheduling. SetTime makes appointment management as easy as ABC so you can save your resources and get rid of boring administrative tasks that usually take your time.

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SetTime is the most effective solution for those who care about their customers' time as well. From the customers' side, it takes a few seconds to book an appointment at your salon. And here are 5 steps to enhance beauty service scheduling.

  1. First, download the SetTime application and choose the language of the app.
  2. Add information about your beauty salon: are you an individual specialist providing beauty services or do you have a staff?
  3. Fill in all the necessary information: your salon name, the industry type, and your location, and just tap "Sign up".
  4. Now it's time for setting up your account as a beauty salon. If you have staff members, add their details: their profession, the services they provide, the duration of procedures, and the prices of each one. You can edit this information whenever you want in the future.
  5. And last but not least: set up your working hours. SetTime has made it more flexible, and you can set different working hours for different days. It's all about your convenience!

You can share the booking link with your customers directly from SetTime, or integrate the booking widget into your website. The booking link can be also shared on your social media pages, emails, bios, messages, or wherever you find it right.

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