How SetTime Transformed The Whole Scheduling Process? A Great Case Study

15th September 2023
How SetTime Transformed The Whole Scheduling Process? A Great Case Study

Nowadays, customers demand convenience and efficiency everywhere. This is especially true in the beauty industry, where a seamless appointment process can significantly impact client satisfaction. In a world where time is a valuable commodity, the expectations for quick, easy, and reliable service are higher than ever. Beauty salons, in particular, must cater to these demands by providing not only exceptional in-salon experiences but also seamless pre-visit planning.

From booking to rescheduling to cancellations, the client's interaction with the salon's scheduling system is often their first impression of the business. Thus, a user-friendly, responsive, and reliable scheduling system becomes an essential component of the salon's overall service offering. Clients seek the ability to book appointments at their convenience, whether it's late at night or early in the morning, from the comfort of their homes or on the go.

The utilization of innovative tools like SetTime’s appointment scheduling software allows salons to meet these demands, fostering a stronger connection with clients and distinguishing themselves in a competitive market. It not only enhances the efficiency of the salon's internal operations but also resonates with the lifestyle and expectations of the modern consumer, creating a harmonious and satisfying experience that starts even before they walk through the salon's doors.

One of the very first partners of SetTime, a small nail salon business, was struggling with scheduling challenges until they implemented SetTime's appointment scheduling system. Here's how SetTime revolutionized its entire scheduling process.

Challenges Faced

In short, our partner’s traditional scheduling methods have had their day. The thing is, the staff of that nail salon consisted of two persons - the owner who herself was a nail master, and her coworker. They had a huge number of clients ever since they worked together in another salon. So their goal wasn’t really involving more clients.

As it was a new small business, they didn’t have additional resources to accomplish administrative tasks. And they didn’t want to hire an administrator - it would be beyond their budget. That’s why they were still using old methods for booking their customers’ appointments - adding reminders to their phones or highlighting days in their phone calendars.

However, when their everyday appointments reached the maximum, they noticed that they can’t continue managing bookings with just adding them to phone calendars or reminders or even by writing them down in their notebooks. Here are the main challenges they have faced during that period:

  • Resource wastage: they were wasting a lot of resources to manage their bookings as they didn’t have a united platform for all bookings and someone had to check each and every appointment note manually.
  • High no-show rates: as their customers didn’t have access to a flexible tool to manage their appointments, they often forgot their appointment time, so the no-show rate rose a lot.
  • Double scheduling: As our partners were adding appointments manually, they couldn’t keep track of whom and when they registered and via which channel - Instagram page, messengers, phone calls and SMS.
  • Reduced productivity: All these factors resulted in reduced productivity: masters felt exhausted with administrative tasks and couldn’t concentrate on their main job.

They say it was the point when they did some research to find a cost-effective solution for a small business booking management. That’s how they found SetTime and decided to integrate it into their business process for effective time management.

The SetTime Solution

Understanding the need for a more streamlined approach, our partner chose SetTime's appointment scheduling software. Here's how they implemented it.

  1. They downloaded the SetTime application and added some information about the salon, detailing whether they were individual specialists or a salon with staff.
  2. They added the salon name, industry type, location, and signed up. Then, they added details about staff members, services, procedure durations, and prices. By the way, here’s when they found out that they needed to specify how long a  particular service takes, even if it's a ten-minute difference.
  3. Different working hours were set for different days for maximum convenience. What was the best part - they could change it anytime, as they are growing and changing day by day.
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Features And Benefits

The nail salon integrated SetTime as an appointment scheduling system and transformed the whole scheduling process in a few days. The biggest plus was the huge bunch of benefits and flexible features they got with SetTime. And they were extremely happy with these features:

Easy Implementation: The setup of SetTime took only a few minutes. They needed only two days to communicate with their current clients and make a publication to tell that now they have a flexible online appointment scheduling solution.
Free Tool: A cost-effective solution to improve scheduling where they had the main features for free and additional benefits for low charge.
Simplified Booking: The system made appointment management as easy as ABC. The masters could add the bookings manually, just registering the appointments in the system.
Customer Convenience: Clients could book an appointment within seconds.The customers just need to choose the right time, the service and the specialist. That’s it!
Sharing & Integration: Booking links could be shared directly or integrated into the website and social media.

Features And Benefits


Resource Optimization: Significant time and effort were saved by automating administrative tasks.
Reduced No-Shows & Double Bookings: Automated reminders and efficient scheduling virtually eliminated these issues.
Enhanced Productivity: Staff could focus on their core responsibilities, improving overall efficiency.
Increased Customer Satisfaction: The convenience of online booking led to a more satisfying customer experience.


SetTime appointment scheduling software turned out to be a game-changer for the nail salon. By leveraging the comprehensive and user-friendly features of SetTime, they were able to transform their scheduling process, enhance customer satisfaction, and elevate their business to new heights.

The implementation of SetTime is not just about digitizing the booking process; it's about embracing a tool that adds value to both the service providers and the customers. The swift transition from manual to automated scheduling proved that investing in the right digital tools can have far-reaching positive impacts on business development.

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